J. van Mondfrans Transport
J. van Mondfrans Transport was founded in 1932.
We haul livestock througout Europe in a completely responsible way according to present rules and regulations.
We think that the most important factor in this is the fact that the the way the hauling is done, respects the wellbeing of the animals.


Hauling livestock will always stay, despite the ups-and-downs, animal diseases and market influences.
J. van Mondfrans Transport will always be trying to improve and innovate where possible as we did by investing big time in a fully conditioned comfort class truck.
This comfort class truck was specially designed in cooperation with our bodywork manufacturer in Italy and were the first company in the Netherlands to offer this kind of vehicle for hauling calves over large distances.
We are convinced it is the animal friendly and safe way to transport livestock.


J. van Mondfrans Transport is a reliable partner to her customers and hauls livestock througout Europe in a most professional manner.
Our main business is hauling calves.
Being the best specialised calves-transporter in the Netherlands is our mission.
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