J. van Mondfrans Transport
Our  fleet of trucks consists of trucks with trailerwagons and trucks with trailer.

All our vehicles apply the rules and regulations required at present time tob e a certified catle hauling company.

Our comfort class cattle-trucks have been specially designed for hauling calves on large distances.
These comfort class trucks offer a automatic temperature control-unit to provide the calves a comfortable temperature, even i foutside temperatures drop below zero.
Besides that, a self-service drinking system makes sure the calves can drink whenever they need or want to.

The first comfort class truck went into service in june 2005, the 2nd one arrived end of 2008 and the 3rd in early 2009.
In april 2009, a truck with trailer arrived that is a mixture between comfort class and conventional hailing which basically means that the trailer offers the same features as the other comfort class trucks we operate but can also be used fort he normal, conventional hauling as is done on short distances within the country-borders.

Except the 4 trucks mentioned, the rest of the fleet are conventional trucks and trailers.