J. van Mondfrans Transport
Back in 1932, Jan van Mondfrans founded a hauling company.
Jan van Mondfrans transported cattle and joined forces with Hardloper Verhuizingen in the city of Nunspeet in the field of removals. Everything went according to plan untill 1966 when  he lost fait hand his son Dirk van Mondfrans was forced to take over on the age of 24.

Dirk van Mondfrans continued hauling cattle and decided to end his removals-activties. Before he made the decision to concentrate on hauling cattle only, he also worked for  Gamog ( a gas distribution company ), hauling gas pipelines, and Volnij by transporting milk-containers.
Dirk van Mondfrans Veetransport has been hauling quite a variety of animals besides catlle over the years, like lama’s, elephants, camels, crated tigers, hippo’s, antiloops, pigeons and ostriches but he preffered cattle in the end.

In 2002 their son Jan took over since his parents felt it was time to enjoy their retirement and live the easy, relaxed life they had been working for all these years.
Since than, rules and regulations have only become more strict and can no longer be compared to ho wit used tob e in “the good old days”.
To find customers, the livestock market was the place to be.
Dirk van Mondfrans grew up in this era, Jan van Mondfrans has experienced this just a little.

Jan van Mondfrans Transport now has a clientele of mainly regular customers, orders are handled by phone instead of the “old fashioned” fax or letters.
It’s basically the same thing but in a more modern way.
Jan van Mondfrans thinks that innovations are necessary, the way things are processed today are obsolete.