We haul livestock througout Europe, in a responsible way and according present rules and regulations.

According our Type 2 license, we are allowed to transport one-toed domestic farm-animals, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.

J. van Mondfrans Transport is  on the job 24/6, hauling catlle, updating administration and maintaining our trucks and trailers to meet the required safety regulations.

Work-planning is mainly done during the evening hours. Trucks and drivers are assigned to a particular order as soon as we receive them from our clients.
It depends on time of arrival at the veal-farmer, the number of animals, distance to the final destination and so on.

Collecting the animals at the veal-farmer usually takes place sometime during the night or early morning hours. The calves are being delivered at the slaugtherhouse early in the morning.
After the calves have been dropped off, the truck and trailer have to be cleaned en detoxed at a  certified carwash.

Drivers and "their" trucks also transport "sober" calves from collection-centre's to the veal-farmers.

Our administration is completedly automated. Every driver receives a hauling-order which holds all crucial information like loading-address, time, destination and scheduled time to off-load.
This hauling-order is then processed after work is done and the driver has returned.
After the processing is done we have gathered a lot of valuable information that allows us to track which driver was at a certain place at a certain time.

In case we encounter an insufficient amount of work, we also provide transportation in other area's.
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