Comfort Class Hauling
J. van Mondfrans Transport
J. van Mondfrans Transport was the 1st livestock hauling company that had a comfort class truck build, specially designed for hauling calves.

The comfort class trucks are mainly operated on large distance haulings as they provide the most comfort for the calves: they are not bothered with changes of weather, no stress from outside circumstances.
They can reside comfortably in a bed of straw in a closed trailer which, ofcourse, has doors to check on the wellbeing of the calves during the trip.
In case a malfunction of the onboard ventilation-system occurs, the door scan and will be used to provide enough fresh air and oxygen tot he animals.

In our opinion, the calves are transported in a 5 star hotel.
Whatever the weatherconditions, the calves will stay in excellent condition.
The fully automatic temperature-control unit assures a comfortable temperature, the ventilation-system provides enough fresh air and oxygen and the self-service drinking-system enables the calves to drink whenever they need or want to.
The floors of the trailer are being covered with fresh, soft straw so they can lay down comfortably if they want, overall you can say that the wellbeing of the animals is the winner.

The trailers inside temperature can be controlled from within the trucks cabin, in steps of 0,5 degrees and this way, approach the stable-temperature very closely.
A live camera-feed from the trailers provides the driver with actual information during the ride so if anything might happen, the driver is able to intervene immediately.

The veal-farmers are happy when we arrive because that have been moved in our comfort class trucks are in better condition, need less antibiotics and grow better than the average animals the get.

The purchase of the comfort class truck was a dream come true for Jan van Mondfrans.

Jan van Mondfrans set a standard fort his way of hauling livestock and want to continue this way as long as it is still affordable.
The price-tag for these custom build comfort class trucks is huge and in the end it all comes down tot he customers, if they want to pay for it.

This is what we mean by "Comfort Class" :